About ZONA

Who needs a gym, when we can work out at home? fbfokepk

It is free, comfortable, fun and very efficient.

ZONA training gives you all the opportunities to loose body fat and build beautiful, lean muscles… at home in short time.

I am Eni Pentek, a Hungarian fitness presenter, founder of ZONA training, designer of ZONA fitness clothes, a mother of two lovely kids and hopefully your online trainer.

Are you ready to be a Zoner?

We are going to train on daily basis but for only 10-30 minutes. Sounds good, isn’t it?

We will do cardio to increase our metabolism and get rid of the excess body fat. We will also build nice, lean muscles and get our entire body in shape. In the best shape ever! We will improve balance, flexibility, strength and stamina.

ZONA is not just a bunch of cardio and body weight workouts, but a continuously improving training system. Exciting and challenging exercises, workout combos are waiting for you in intermediate and advanced fitness levels (Zona Basic and Zona Max). ZONA gives you a nice, lean body, loads of energy, improved self-confidence and a lot of fun.

You are not alone with your goals. I’ve been working on ZONA for about 5 years and since then, there are more and more satisfied Zoners in the world. Be one of them! Reach your fitness goals with me! Let’s zone together!zonamovement

How to start?

Extra motivation:

  • Browse in zonawebshop to get some unique ZONA training clothes.
  • Get motivation by the ZONA fitness festival videos (in Hungarian).
  • But most of all, enjoy zoning! :)

Download ZONA “Abs Mission” the first English speaking ZONA fitness DVD!>>




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