Banana-protein pancake

Today’s lunch was grilled turkey breast and banana pancake. Grilled turkey breast is nothing special, I ate it with fresh vegetables and yogurt sauce. High in protein, low in calorie, so it is always a good option for lunch or dinner.

Banana-protein pancake is just awesome.  You need 3 bananas, 4 eggs and 2-4 spoons of protein powder to make 15 smaller pancakes. After mixing the ingredients you will get a rather thick mass, which is easy to work with. The amount you pour in the frying pan will decide the final size of your pancakes. I went for small, cute ones. :) It is important to heat the frying pan to low flame, otherwise you will burn the pancakes. You can grease the pan with some grape seed oil.

I love banana-protein pancakes with maple syrup and some fresh blackcurrant. 

Do you have some special recipes for healthy pancakes?



Author: Eni Pentek

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