Core Combo

ZONA Core Combo is on guys and I’m sure you’ll find it challenging and enjoy it a lot! Core Combo is a flow of high intensity cardio and functional strength exercises focusing on abdominal and core muscles.

5 exercises follow each other – in several rounds – for 2 minutes, then we have 20 seconds rest. We have 4 rounds altogether, so it will be less than 10 minutes, but after that I will have a surprise for you! (Extra workout! Yay!!)

Download the full video and find out what your surprise is!>>

1.  Alternate Oblique sit up

alternate oblique sit up

We’re doing an oblique sit up each side alternately. Your back is round, I don’t want you to put pressure on your lower back. At first knees go to the right while the upper body is facing to the left, then reverse it! Twist your upper body. This exercise makes beautiful, strong core muscles.

2. Sit-up & punch

situp punch

We just sit up and punch to the left in the air. Lay back, then sit up and punch to the right. When you lay down, your lower back touches the floor first. (Roll on your back.)

3. Full sit-up to a reverse crunch

reverse crunch

Do a full sit up and as you lay back you contract your abs and exhale as you lift your hips and legs off the floor. As you lower the legs, cross them and roll into a plank.

4. Plank V-jumps (3 point plank jump)


In the plank do 3 point jumps. Jump up to the left, then back to plank, then to the right and back.

5. Half burpee

half burpee

We are still in plank. We jump up next to the hands first. At the second jump, we cross our legs and roll back to laying.

So, once again:

Starting position is laying on the floor.

The combo in a flow: oblique sit up to the left, then to the right; sit-up & punch to the left, then to the right; full sit-up to a reverse crunch; roll into plank; 3 point plank jumps to the left, then to the right; half burpee then roll into the starting position.

And now, do your warm-up and let’s start! :)

Download the full video and find out what your surprise is!>>

Author: Eni Pentek

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