HIIT – the most effective fat burner

ZONA training is based on HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and functional strength exercises. Let’s examine HIIT this time!

HIIT is designed to strip body fat while keeping lean mass.

It is basically a combination of active and rest periods. You need to give your 100% in the high-intensity blocks (bursts) but before you knock out, it’s time for a quick recovery, which can be a low-intensity exercise or complete rest.

I prefer 30 seconds on – 10 seconds rest. If you have 6 exercises and do 5 rounds, that is 20 minutes altogether. And that is enough, if you work at your maximum. Even 10 minutes of interval training can do its job.

The intensity is the key and of course the right combo of exercises.eni pentek zona

Advantages of interval training

  • Time-effectiveness
    HIIT only takes 10 to 20 minutes, but can burn as many calories as 40 minutes of running. If you have not much time for training just do a rapid HIIT.
  • Cost-effectiveness
    You do not need to join a gym or visit classes. You can train at home following free ZONA schedule.
  • Revved up metabolism
    HIIT boosts metabolism extremely. High metabolism makes fat burning much quicker.
  • Improved anaerobic and aerobic power systems
  • EPOC
    Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption is the scientific term for the HIIT’s afterburn effect. HIIT sessions force the body to work harder to build its oxygen stores back up for even up to 24 hours post-workout. So even a day after a good ZONA workout your body is still using higher amount of calories. That is just fantastic!
  • Stress-handling
    It prepares you for stress, because of the fluctuating intensity. This is like an emotional roller-coaster. Just like in real life, calm and stressful periods follow each other.
  • Body-shaping
    Besides its fat burning effects, it builds great muscle definition.
  • Challenge
    Thanks to its alternating intensity, HIIT never gets boring. It is challenging, fun and improves not only your stamina, muscles and fitness level, but your will-power, strength and self-esteem too.

This is one of my favourite ZONA interval workouts of Abs Mission DVD.

Make sure you always warm up before the workout and stretch afterwards.



Author: Eni Pentek

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