Ripped Abs

Your cardio session only needs to take about 10-15 minutes long, if it is hard enough. Now this one will be. :)

“Ripped Abs” is a full cardio interval training. We have 5 challenging cardio exercises involving the abs.

5 workouts in intervals: 30 seconds of work 10 seconds of rest. 4 rounds altogether

We are focusing on abs, but these workouts are functional and will challenge every singe muscle in your body. Our aim is to make those abdominals ripped, so we have to burn tons of calories and boost our metabolism. We have to push it hard. I want you to put 100% percent into this rapid workout.


1. Plank Jacks shoulder touch

plank jack

Starting position is a plank. Your ankle, knees, hips and shoulders are in line. Abs tight, feet together. In this position we jump wide apart, than back. Don’t drop the hip down and neither push it up.

2. High knees


You are just jumping from one leg to another by lifting the knees as high as you can. Keep the abs engaged, chest is up and do not lean back, ok? Your abs power each action and the back stays vertical.

3. Dive bomber burpee


Making a dive bomber and a burpee after each other is quite challenging. But its fun and fun is a highly important factor in training. So, the dive bomber first: we start in a yoga downward dog position, like plank, but your butt is pointing up. Than you come down toward the floor, then lift the chest up to cobra pose. Than you reverse it and go up this way. So you go in an arc forward and back. Try to keep your elbows in focusing on your triceps. After a dive bomber push up, you just jump into a squat and up as high as you can.

4. Plank knee touch


In a nice plank you just pull your knees alternately towards the chest and touch them with the opposite hand. All the abs muscles are activated and its a great balance exercise as well.

5. Knee tuck jump


You jump up by lifting both knees as high as you can. You wanna lift them in front of you and not under your bumm. The higher you lift the legs, the bigger result you’ll get. This high intensity exercise burns tons of calories and improves your stamina.

So, 5 cute exercises make your abs look ripped. For first look, this workout may not seem so intense, but believe me, it is! Its gonna be hard, but I will push you through this!


Author: Eni Pentek

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