Side circuit training

Now, we are going to work on our side abs or obliques and the side butt, or the gluteus medius. It is true, that these parts of your body are highly determined by your overall body shape. But! It you don’t neglect this area and keep working on it you can reach spectacular results.

When talk about abs workout most of us would go for the sit ups and crunches to form nice 6 packs. But believe me, well-developed obliques can make your midsection look more impressive. They can nicely frame the rectus abdomini with their diagonal shape. So it is worth working on them as it is worth working on the side butt as well. Gluteus medius has a huge responsibility in stabilizing the hips. A weak gluteus medius can cause knee and ankle injuries and can make activities like running or even walking really painful. Obliques are stabilizers as well, and are engaged in almost every physical activity or in movement, like twisting and flexing the spine. It is extremely important to make them strong.

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I show you the 4 exercises of the circuit training.

1. Oblique V-up

oblique v-up

Twist and flex. Effective oblique exercises combine both of these motions and oqblique V-up is one of like that. Now I’m going to demonstrate how to do an oblique v-up.
Lay down on your side. With the right arm do nothing just hold it out flat on the floor. Left hand is on the head, and you lift your straight legs and crunch to the side in the same time. Exhale as you come up.

2. Switch side

3. Pendulum


Pendulum is a combination of balance, core and cardio workout and it involves gluteus medius as well. It improves strength and stamina and helps you tone up. Get into pike position. Butt is pointing up, back is straight. Raise your straight, left leg out to the side as high as you can, while your right leg is slightly bent. You are standing on the ball of your right foot. Jump and switch legs keeping the abs tight and engaged.

4. Side plank steps

sidestep forward

Side plank really hits the obliques. And now we are going to make it even harder. Start in side plank position, keep the abs tight, your whole body is in one line. We step and tilt forward, then backward. Your upper body follows the movement tilting forward and backward as well. The core is working and your arm helps balancing.

5. Switch side

You will need an exercise mat and 100% effort for this workout! YOU CAN DO IT!

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Author: Eni Pentek

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