ZONA “Abs Mission” training program

ZONA “Abs Missioin” training program

Abs Mission is an advanced fitness DVD focusing on abs and core muscles. I guess this is the area, we have to keep working on.

Download  ZONA “Abs Mission” training program>>

By „ABS MISSION” we trim our waistline and strengthen the abdominal and the deeper core muscles. So whenever you take off your clothes, you will be proud of your toned, flat tummy. And even those six-packs will be visible too. It all depends on the effort you put in the workouts and of course on your diet.

So we are focusing on abs, but it is ZONA training, so we involve another body zone (muscle group) area as well. Zona training provides you with rapid and very efficient exercises, but for the results you have to put 100% effort into the workouts.

ZONA training means freedom, results and fun to me, but for these positivities I have to make sacrifices. It is definitely worth it, but can be a bit hard when you are a starter. Once you get used to our routine, you will stick with it and can’t wait ur training time. It is highly addictive, but never mind! :)abs mission

ZONA is all about health, mental and physical improvement and healthy lifestyle. So who would not wanna be an addict? :)

Abs mission training program involves fat-burning high intensity cardio workouts, body-weight strength workouts, some weight training and a few static workouts like plank. You will love this program and the results!

Diversity, intensity and challenges are waiting for us, so what are we still doing here?

Let’s warm up and start our daily zonaaaa!!!

Download  ZONA “Abs Mission” training program>>

Author: Eni Pentek

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